4 thoughts on “V-Series #76”

  1. Hey, Kevin!

    Looks like a beastie you have there! More heavy-duty compared to the one beside it. I’ve looked at some campers similar to these, but the hubba wants something he can stand up in, the big baby, lol! What kind of adventures are you planning to do? Is this a permanent hermitage, or an adventure with a time limit?

    • Hi Jenny! I definitely wanted something solid & beefy for off-road use that wouldn’t break the bank, and this is it. This will be my full-time home for the foreseeable future with no planned end date. I explained some details in the previous post, if you haven’t read that already.

      • Very cool, Kevin!
        You’re living the dream that many want to, but may not have the courage (or cooperation from others) to do. At least you can try it, and if you don’t find that it fits, you can go on to something else. And then, you’ll know—instead of being like many of us who will always wonder, “what if…?”

        I may not know you well, but from what I do know, this DOES seem to fit you. 😊 I admire you for going for it. Kudos, and best wishes for whatever journey you take on!💜


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