Phase II Begins!

Now that Texas is finally getting cool enough to be outside during the day for limited durations, I’m finally making baby steps on the build.  First, I added a phone mount to the dash, and today I installed some window covering on the rear window (the other window will be done later this week.)  None of those things are major steps, by any means, but they’re important individually.

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, here’s the video showing me losing a washer during the phone mount:

And here’s what the window looks like with the perforated vinyl:


I should have more updates to post by next weekend.  Stay frosty out there!





6 thoughts on “Phase II Begins!”

  1. Nice! Baby steps are important LOL. My friend Eddie Hobbs has the same perforated on his windows too. Just be aware they don’t hide anything at night with the lights on so no going nekkid in front of the windows!

  2. Ah! You planned for The Coffee as well! I saw a cartoonish meme yesterday of a somewhat raggedy-looking cat holding holding a cup of coffee. The words were, “Coffee—because murder is wrong.” ? Yup. Enjoy your new van!

  3. Hi Kevin. Glad to see that you are making some progress. We are finally getting some cooler days here in Iowa as well.
    I’m working on the rocker panels on my van right now. After I get those done, I’ll be taking it into my mechanic to have some work done.
    Have a great day!!!

  4. Hope you are doing well. I’m David, the Broken Homesteader… too broken to travel. Brightest blessings and safe travels this holiday season.


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