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A good number of people have asked me how I plan to get around, what I’ll be taking with me, and how I plan on earning a living while on the road.  Rather than spend a long time sending links to equipment, explaining my setup & gear, I figured it would be much easier to consolidate all of that information into a single page.  This is it.

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June, 2021


I hate paying rent, and I don’t want to be tied down to a house, and since there’s so much of this country I still haven’t seen, I’ll be traveling as a Digital Nomad – teaching courses, working my current full-time job remotely, exploring National and State Parks & Forests, and doing my best to make the most out of my life and enjoying it while I’m still able to.

        Not all who wander are lost.  –J.R.R. Tolkien


I’ll be sleeping (not “living”) in a Runaway Campers “V-Series” camper (the “Venturist“) – a 6’x8′ off-road camper, pulled around the country by The Truck.  The Venturist comes stock with a 5,000 btu air conditioner, which will definitely help in the warm/hot months (along with elevation changes, depending on which state I’m in at the time – this is where trip planning really comes into play.)  No, it’s not tall enough to stand up in, but I don’t need it to be.

For additional outside shelter for when the bugs get bad (or it’s raining and I still want to be outside), I’ll be setting up camp in a QuickSet Shelter (the “Escape Sky Camper” model.)  It’s big enough to hide a large picnic table, and then some, with plenty of standing room.

Since I love a nice hot shower, I’ll have a few options – all of which I can enjoy inside my Kelty H2GO shower tent (or in the wide-open outdoors):

In addition to the other solar gear that will be installed in the camper, the portable Bluetti EB150 Solar Generator will provide all the power I should need when working outside.

Bluetti EB150

My ARB 50-quart fridge/freezer will keep my food & drinks cold, and I already have 11 (or so) different ways to make my daily coffee.

BRCC Silencer Smooth

I’ll have a few things to get me on the Internet, aside from my Verizon MiFi.  A number of options available include WeBoostNomad Internet, and others.

I’m not going to list all of the camping gear I have, but assume I have all of that covered – I’ve been camping & hiking since I was a kid.  I do still have a few items on my Amazon Wishlist if you’d like to surprise me for Christmas..

I never leave home without my GPS & PLB, and I’m considering a Garmin inReach Explorer+ for an additional level of safety.  I use GAIA GPS for wayfinding (plus a good compass with paper maps), and I’ll be leaving breadcrumbs for my immediate family using a variety of methods so they’ll always know exactly where I am.

Keep in mind that all of this gear is protected by Sig Sauer, Kimber, Remington, and Springfield.  It’s not worth your life to try to steal my stuff, capish?  (Also keep in mind that I’m a certified firearms instructor with decades of trigger-time.)


Never heard of Runaway Campers?

Runaway VenturistRunaway VenturistRunaway Venturist

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